About npm-diff.app

npm-diff.app is a online service to compare the changes between versions of packages or forks of packages.

The comparing matches the behaviour of the CLI by using the official libnpmdiff package to perform a diff between the packages you chose. We then visualize the differance.


For the URL you can use formats that are not exact, like: https://npm-diff.app/lodash@4.17.0...~4.17.15 or https://npm-diff.app/react@18.0.0...react@latest. If you go to any URL which is not exact, and therefore can change over time, we will redirect you to the exact URL. You will be redirected to an exact, canonical URL. This means you will get a cached version even if you used a unique query.

External services

Screenshot of external services in npm-diff.app

We also use external services bundlephobia and packagephobia to give an overview of the differances between the two, measured in install and bundle size.